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Club Loose Rule Book

As part of the Club Loose family, we follow the official Club Loose rules with few exceptions. Find the rule book here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Every event is for beginners! We encourage everyone to come out. Those still learning to drift will be put into C group with drivers of similar skill level.
Yes. Let us know ahead of time and we'll set you up with a more experienced driver to show you the ropes. Of course, this is optional and you can still learn on your own and at your own pace.
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You’ll typically run out of tires before you run out of seat time. We run the track from 9 AM - 5 PM with a 3 group rotation. There’s very little time between run groups.
Yes, but there is only one so we advise you do as much as you can before the event. It’s available free to use and drivers are encouraged to operate it themselves. If you don’t know how to use it, ask for help.
Yes, next to the tire machine but we recommend you use the machine at the maitenance building or bring a portable unit.
The pit is the area around the bathrooms in lot S2 and stretches back along the track-side barriers.
Use this high tech SAT Imagery for reference. The layout is subject to change. The layout will be discussed at the driver's meeting. Drivers must follow the track layout! No exceptions.
Yes, the dirt ground section of the pit area has plenty of space.
C: You'll typically start here. This is for those still learn to drift and are still learning the limits of their car. B: Most people get into this group when they can link the entire track, stay in drift and put down consistent runs throughout an entire day. A: Is those experienced folks who firmly know the track, know their cars, and have all the proper safety equipment to tandem.
Drivers meetings are held at 8:30 AM on the morning of the event. Everyone will be called together and the rules, saftey procedures, changes to track setup or schedules will be announced.


Click Here, find the event you'd like to register for, hit the register to drive button and on the next page, checkout with either Card or PayPal. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment is processed.
Yes, or you can use it as credit for a future event.
You can pay cash at the track to a CLN staff member only. We also accept Paypal and Credit Cards through Stripe. Checks are NOT accepted. Pre-register online before an event for lowest prices.


Green: Go. Red: Stop Checkered: Hot lap
Don't waste tires by burning out or spinning your car around, instead, calmly get back up to speed and back on your line.
Get off the track onto a grass or dirt area, let a CLN staff member know.
If its just a tap, keep going. If it is a damage or injury causing event, remain in the car. Medical personnel are on site.


We have a lot of perks from sponsors that we can't advertise. Ask a Club Loose North staff member to help and we'll get you hooked up.